Monday, May 10, 2010


I stumbled across "The book of Awesome" at Chapters the other day and it filled me with such joy reading it I wanted to share it with others. It's a great reminder of all the simple little things that make living worth while. It's a reminder to pessimists that there is always something to be optimistic about. Some of my favourites are:

#995 Finding money you didn't even know you lost.

#528 When your pet notices your in a bad mood and comes to see you.

#538 Laughing so hard you start crying ( My friend Stacey and I did this the other night and it immediately refreshed my spirit)

#587 Taking your ponytail out (I love this part of my day!)

#597 When the cop finally passes you after following you for a while (because i am cop phobic this is a big one for me)

#604 Walking on grass with bare feet

#679 Old school sugar cereals (alphabits yummy)

#690 When the person scratching your back finds that one itchy spot

#707 Wearing what you just bought out of the store ( I bought a new coat the other night and I had to do this, I pulled of my shabby old coat and put it in the shopping bag, ripped the tags off and left the mall feeling like a million bucks)

#539 When you open a book to exact page you were looking for

#552 When you went to the gym yesterday (meaning now I don't have to feel guilty about going today)

#561 Letting the waves bury your feet at the beach

#591 Sitting on your freshly made bed and admiring your work after cleaning your room

Awesome! So this got me thinking about my day to day life and things that make my day. Things that make everything seem a bit brighter, moments that bring me joy, synchronicity or bliss...So here's some of my awesome list:

#1 That first sip of strong coffee each morning...mmmmm....

#2 Laughing out loud for real...not just saying "lol" but when an email or message from someone online really makes you "lol"

#3 Hearing my kids screeching "mommy!" when I come home from work

#4 Making a joke and my son Jalen (3 yrs old) gets it and really starts laughing, and then we both start laughing together

#5 Ruby singing "Take me out to the ball game" and the part where she says "woot woot for the home team...."

#6 Walking into a cold air conditioned house after being outside in the humid hot air of summer

#7 The sweet salty combo, for example, chips with a side of chocolate or a more sophisticated choice of old cheddar with red pepper jelly. My friend Kelly made a snack the other night of popcorn with butter, honey and black pepper; now I've never tried this until then and it was so good. The combination of the salty butter, a hint of sweet honey and a little heat from the pepper. TOO AWESOME!

#8 Roasting a perfect marshmallow at a campfire, not to dark, completely melty inside, golden brown on the outside

#9 Walking out of the salon with a fresh new haircut (one you are happy about of course)

#10 The short work week after a long weekend, Friday comes so much faster!

Now this is a list in progress, I actually just thought of these things just now as I was sitting here. What's on your awesome list?