Saturday, November 14, 2009

Simple Abundance Journey

"Many women today feel a sadness we cannot name. Though we accomplish much of what we set out to do, we sense that something is missing in our lives and- fruitlessly-search "out there" for the answers. What's often wrong is that we are disconnected from an authentic sense of self."
-Emily Hancock

My blog and my journey towards Simple Abundant Living was started this Saturday morning officially, this journey did not begin here today, I decided that today was the day I would share this journey with you. If I look back and consider my childhood, my passion for joy and beauty and purpose and inspiration began at a very early age. I delighted in simple pleasures like having "real tea" for the tea party, starting book clubs and fashion clubs and party clubs in my tweens, taking the neighbouhood kids to the park for a picnic I planned (age 11) with tiny sandwiches and drink boxes, setting the dining table in my doll house with the minature cutlery, and a fake turkey on a platter on a plastic faux silver platter, daydreaming in secret hiding places, running barefoot through the mud and puddles after it rained. Even back then I knew that those moments were special, I had concious awareness that these things brought me joy and that these little things were what I wanted to create my life around. To me, simple abundance is finding Big Joy in the little things, its having self awarness, knowing what things make your heart skip a beat and bringing those things into your life, knowing what things you truly love to do and direct all of your energy towards doing it. Once you focus your energy on bringing these elements of your own personal joy to your life, more of it flows into your life and all of your dreams begin to be fulfilled right before your eyes.

Sarah Ban Breathnach was able to put it all together for me when I stumbled upon her book "Simple Abundance." It was through this book that I began my exploration of my authentic self. I find that knowing oneself takes commitment, like any relationship. Sometimes, we get lost in "real life" with bills, screaming children, deadlines at work, "to do" lists and "have to's" and we forget that all that "stuff" is not you, your authentic self is tucked in there, deep in your core, waiting for your awareness and your attention. And when I am connected to "her" I know it. Such as right now as the rest of my family is still sleeping, my pumpkin scented candle burns, I sip coffee from my red and white polka dot mug, stacks of my favourite books surround me and I know that this is simple abundance to me and I feel "her" smiling on the inside.

Follow your bliss...what inspires you? what do love doing so much that time just seems to slip away? What catches your attention? What have you always thought about doing but have not got around to because you "don't have time" or "don't have money."

This is my blog about following my bliss...please enJOY :)

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