Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eating Clean

Day 4 of clean eating. It's getting easier and almost enjoyable everyday. Before I go further into my post I will explain clean eating in a nutshell.

*Eat Fresh

*Eat Local and organic if you can

*If the label you are reading has more than 2 or 3 ingredients it's likely man made, and processed, processed foods are a no no.

*Drink heaps of water

*Stay away from saturated fats

*Don't touch fried or sugary foods (all the good stuff ;)

*Eat frequently, 3 meals plus 2 or 3 clean eats in between, to keep that metabolism burning

So after the first 2 days, all I wanted was something fried with a coating of sugar...I was thinking a donut would really hit the spot! I went to bed depressed on the 2nd night deciding it was hopeless because I just LOVE food too much to restrict myself. I woke up the next morning and looked down at the layers of fat covering my self and it reminded me that I deserve to take care of myself and be healthy. Eating better was not a punishment, it was a blessing. With a new found positive attitude for this journey, I took to the grocery store. I brought my little boy Jalen with me and we explored the produce aisles. Jalen helped me pick out beautiful pineapples and melons. We took our time in that section of the grocery store, because I knew that the middle aisles (mostly processed) would only take me a moment. I bought some delicious goat cheese and sprouted bread, fresh salsa, lemons, a butternut squash and peppers from every colour of the rainbow.

In a perfect world I could avoid the middle aisles at all costs but if you are label savvy you can find some good choices there too. I got some mineral water to go with my lemons. It's been said that a glass of red wine a day is good for you but I'm certain that the goblet I often consume is not the "glass" they are talking about. Last night I curled up on the couch with a great magazine and my lemon water and I have to admit felt luxurious somehow. I also got some beans, rice, canned tuna and salmon and some Kashi cereal.

For supper last night I made the most delicious spinach salad, with a fresh lemony vinaigrette, roasted fingerling potatoes and turkey meatloaf. The entire meal was made from scratch, with almost zero added fats but it was wonderful. And Jalen pretended to be a rabbit as he ate his spinach, and I thought: "Should I make him stop being silly at the table?.." but then I thought "Whatever gets him eating his fresh vegetables."I went to bed satisfied and feeling like I was a good mother for providing all this fresh fare for my babies.

I woke up this morning and toasted up this amazing bread I bought which is so hearty and nutty and it doesn't even need a spread of any type. The bread is made by a company called stonemill bakehouse and they have several varieties. This just reaffirmed my new feeling that eating clean is not torture.I'm sure it will be hard later on tonight (New Years Eve) when my friends are eating chicken wings, mini quiche, dips and mozzarella sticks as I nibble on my fresh salsa, veg and light swiss. But, at the end of the day, it feels good to eat good. When my head hits the pillow, instead of feelins of regret and anger because I have not taken care of myself, I am proud of myself and feel like I did my body a service. I'm pretty sure that feeling is much better than any donut tastes.

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