Thursday, August 5, 2010

Joy Blog....Jadeite!

Photo credit: Country Living

So I'm still working hard at gathering all the inspiration for my kitchen makeover. The cabinets have been started in a creamy colour called White Down-Benjamin Moore. The other day I came across a couple photos in country style kitchens that used this beautiful vintage milky green dinnerware known as Jadeite or also seen it as just Jadite. It's not the first time I have swooned over Jadeite, I've seen it tucked away in Martha Stewart's kitchen and something about it just calls to me. I've started my research on collecting this much sought after antique most popular during the 50's and 60's. According to what I've read, the Fire-King glassware is durable and can also withstand high temperatures. Fire-King created a line called restaurant ware that is especially durable and this is what Martha Stewart and her daughter collect. Fire King created other colours like blue and creamy pink however "Jade-ite" was their most popular colour.

These cake stands below are absolutely darling, I am dreaming about having them on my kitchen serving cart, with scrumptious little cupcakes.( reality: my husband will polish off the sweet little cupcakes in 30 secs and then I'll get mad because he ruined the whole effect!) lol...okay back to dreaming...


  1. I LOVE this glassware as well... Ill definately keep my eyes out for it. Surely, we've gotta have boatloads of it floating around in Vic...
    it is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. I'm just about to order my first 2 pieces of jadite from etsy. I will keep you posted!