Sunday, November 14, 2010

40 days and counting....

Yeppers...tis the season over here! Officially started today, when I brought out the rubbermaid bins packed with decorations from years past. Is it just me or does the collection seem to multiply over the course of a year? Sifting through I came across a paper shopping bag from Pier One Imports, Cha-ching! I hit up boxing day sales last year, and tucked the bag away for next year. Brand new, sparkling, decorations with the tags on them! Exciting because I probably scored with a 50% off sale on all of them! So, on came the decorating music, Charlie Brown Christmas CD and the fun began.My favorite Christmas Cd, this version exclusive to Starbucks.

We managed to make it through the whole process with only one smashed ornament, and a few disassembled items (care of my darlings, Jalen and Ruby) It's funny because we were trying to explain the Christmas "Season" to Jalen. He was like, "So it's Christmas today?" "Where are all the presents?" We were like "No honey, this is the start of the Christmas Season, so we start to get ready and decorate for when Santa comes, much later." Registering....Registering....Jalen stares at us blankly. He'll get it eventually.

Check out the new blog logo to see my decorated chandelier and a close up of one of my new sparkly ornaments. Below is a pic of our tree that is in our main floor family room, it's a fake. However, we will be getting our real Christmas tree closer to Christmas that we decorate in our downstairs family room. I went with the turquoise and red theme, with a few touches of gold. I am very happy with the final result :) I'm still working on some felt ornaments I will add (felt ornament craft blog to follow)

Click on Photo to enlarge it :)

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