Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogs I LOVE this week

With baby number 3 on the way, I've begun to get alot more serious about simple living. I don't know if it's my nesting instinct but I'm suddenly becoming super budget conscious and ec0-conscious of all 5 of our footprints. I'm considering things I've not considered before perhaps it's pure fear of the fact that I will soon be responsible for the lives of 3 human beings, 4 fury beings as well as my own being and a husband like being.

For those reasons I am loving a Simple blog with Simple tips for Simple living, so that's why I am loving Simple Mom This blog has articles on anything from how to live more green or more frugal, to organizing and taking care of your home. Although the blog is clearly geared to mom's, I think anyone can enjoy this website with hints for living more simply. There are healthy recipes you can make on a budget and ideas for going greener at home. Sub-catagories of blog will lead you to Simple Kids, Simple Organic, Simple Bites and Simple Homeschool. Love this Blog!

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