Saturday, March 12, 2011

More than just a name

"Words have meaning and names have power." ~Author Unknown
(Photo: Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver just named his baby boy Buddy Bear)
Henry...nope, way....Rufus...are you kidding me?!? Thus begins the baby name debate. We are looking for the perfect name for our baby boy that is not too popular, not too strange, strong but not sounding outrageous. If we were having a little girl I would be just fine, we'd settle in happily with a pretty name like Lila Rose or Maliyah Grace and move on. Boys are more tricky in my personal opinion. Just like with clothing for boys. Shopping for my daughter Ruby is a breeze, you can't go wrong with girls clothes. Girls stuff is pretty with polka dots, stripes, flowers, bright colours and pastels.

Then I head over to the boys section for Jalen and they do stupid things with the clothes like stick a skull and cross bones graphic on it or a shark on a surfboard or something.

Gap Kids

Jalen's name was found easily when we looked through a baby name book standing in the aisle at Chapter's. We had a lightbulb go off as soon as we heard the name and we knew our baby boy would be Jalen. Finding Ruby was a breeze, my only debate was whether I wanted to name her Adeline which we settled on for her middle name. I decided not to name her Adeline because I was worried that she would be just another "Addy," funny because my nickname for her has somehow evolved to "Miss Addy" anyways!

So, No lightbulb's have gone off for this little baby boy due in July. I certainly wasn't inspired by Jamie Oliver's choice. However, here is our little collection we have acquired over the months. I think I've narrowed it down but then I stumble across a new name and start to wonder. So here's what I got:

Isaiah-a strong name, not too popular yet not too unique that it's wierd

Miles-we liked this name back when were pregnant with Jalen, it seems strong maybe even cool, like Miles Davis.

Nate-Not Nathan, Just Nate

Terrence-This might have something to do with my slight celebrity crush on Terrence Howard, however I very much dislike the shortened version of Terry.

Maverick- I love this name, I think it's a great name however I just can't get this out of my head...

However, Top Gun is one of my favourite movies of all time so is that so bad?

Carter-A new one to the list as of yesterday. I don't have anything clever to remark about except I think its a good solid name.

Middle names ideas thus far:


Alexander- after daddy of course


Leroy-after Papa (Chase) and great papa

Lanny-after Papa's brother that died as a child, also my brother's middle name

William-Grandpa's (Pollard) name

Anthony- Battaglia family name

Whew...glad I got that off my chest. Until next time....


  1. Love Zane. Its my boy name right now if I were to accidentally happen to get pregnant :). I also like Reid and Miles!!! Good luck- such a hard decision!!!

  2. Thanks Melinda :) What about Miles Reid Pollard? Sounds nice...Good luck with accidentally getting pregnant! lol