Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My weight loss journey: Days 1-3

In the picture above I have my kids cleverly positioned to hide my body, this is what my weight has become. This is my first step of my journey and I wanted to share it with all of you. Mostly, I thought it would help me to be accountable if I shouted it out loud. I am nervous and excited to move forward because I am simply tired of lugging this extra weight around. I'm tired of feeling like the ugly version of Tammy. I am tired of my kids asking if I have another baby in my belly. I'm just tired of all of it.
I spend my New Years Eve with my friend since childhood, M. As we stuffed our faces with mozza sticks, cheese ball, chicken pies and other appetizers, ironically we watched a documentary she recommended called: "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." A truly inspiring film, as an australian man Joe Cross who is at the end of his rope being 100 pounds overweight and trades in his processed food, fast and junk food for a juicer. For 60 days he vows to only drink freshly juiced fruits and vegetables and as he does that the weight begins to fall off and his health is dramatically improved in every way. As the weeks pass and Joe becomes a much smaller version of himself its exciting and it makes you want to do the same. I was chanting "JUICING! JUICING!"
So, January 2nd I got my juicer out, signed up for the program www.jointhereboot.com and made a list to hit the grocery store for all the fruits and vegetables I needed for the juices. Also, the website offers two versions of the program and the one that best fit me was the one that included eating foods like all vegetable salads and soups. At the grocery store I filled my cart with produce like you've never seen. Apples, beets, carrots, kale, parsley, lemons, swiss chard, berries, oranges, spinach....the list goes on. My cart was literally overflowing with fruits and veg and people in the store were gawking at my cart and elbowing their spouses whispering like "check out her cart." Funny, as I looked around I realized how unhealthy most people usually eat. Most carts had a huge amount of processed, boxed, frozen, meats and a few token vegetables like one bunch of broccoli and bananas. Kinda sad really...
Days 1-3, I made a juice with beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, ginger, celery, red peppers and oranges for breakfast. Not bad...pretty good actually. Sipped a cup of green tea and didn't really miss my usual cup of coffee with cream. For lunch, "Mean Green" juice. Suprisingly, Ruby really likes this one cause its got a lemony kick! Dinner, Soup or Salad filled with every veggie under the sun. Top it off with lots and lots of water.
Day 2, served Ruby pizza for lunch and I took a big sniff of it before I gave it to her. For a moment considered stuffing in my face quickly before anyone notices. Reality check: Nobody cares if I stuff my face with pizza, I'm doing this for me. Walked away and took a big sip of juice.
Day 3, I'm already down 6 pounds. I can do this. Considered as I was making my green tea how delicious a big piece of toast dripping in peanut butter would taste. 6 pounds down...I can do this!
I feel really great actually, I was having really bad headaches every day before I started this and already on day 3 have not had a headache since. I know its not a lifestyle change to drink only juice and eat salad, but its a start. Its a reboot! Join me!


  1. Great job Tammy!!! Keep it up, very proud of you!!
    xo Kelly