Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My weight loss journey: Days 6-8

This is pretty much how I feel today on day 8. This diet is a roller coaster of feeling great and wanting to strangle someone for just a bite of bread. I am committed to seeing it through the 15 days, I almost quit yesterday and hubs inspired me to follow it through. My stomach is growling as i type, and I can't pull the juicer out cause the kids are still sleeping and its pretty loud.
On a positive note, I can do up my winter coat again. I feel better about myself already. The scale hasn't shifted in a couple of days but apparently this is normal. My belly continues to go flatter each day so thats good. One pair of "fat pants" of mine are officially too big in the waist to wear. For dinner last night I sauteed green beans with garlic and grainy mustard. Roasted beets and turnips with olive oil and sea salt. Not helps that I was already pretty much a vegetarian.
I am committed to this weight loss journey. Not feeling so committed to fasting on fruits and vegetables for much longer than the 15 days. I will continue to drink the juice, and eat clean. However, I look forward to adding some other whole foods into the mix. Like beans, tofu, fish and some whole grains, nuts and seeds. I hope I can continue to inspire others to commit to their weight loss as well.

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