Thursday, November 19, 2009

Celebrating your authentic style: Dresses

"To choose clothes, either in a store or at home, is to define and describe ourselves."
-Alison Lurie

Despite the fact that I am a busy working mom I try to outfit myself in clothes that make me feel confident and speak to my inner spirit. I truly believe that being a busy mom is no reason to not take care of yourself and wear clothes that make you feel good. Of course, yoga pants and a super soft cotton-t shirt have their time and place in the daily grind of mommyville. However, sweat pants that are a size too big and faded t-shirts make you feel just as crappy as you look. I like to choose clothes and accessories that make me feel pretty and sexy. Just like home decor, I like to don clothes that make me feel happy and are authentically me!

With the jolly holidays just around the corner I am busy searching for the "perfect" Christmas dress for my daughter Ruby to wear. Then it occured to me that I deserve a holiday too! I found this web site and it inspired to me to imagine how stunning I might look on New Year's or a Christmas Eve open house in one of these charming dresses. Even if I never actually end of purchasing one of these dresses, how fun are they to just admire. These dresses have classic lines and something about them has a certain vintage appeal. Here are just a couple of the dresses that I am particularly enchanted by...Loving this site!

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