Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling Inspired By...Our Best Bites

So I've mentioned this site before because I just LOVE all of their great food ideas, the photography is great and there are some really wonderful gift ideas. This week I plan on doing a little baking and creating for gifts for my children's daycare teachers, as well as some other collegues, friends and acquaintances. Here are some great things I found on and I hope it inspires you as well.

These look delectable! They are called Easy Pretzel Turtles. Essentially you take a small pretzel and top it with a rolo, place them in a preheated 350 degree oven for around 3 mins. When the outside looks a bit melty, take them out and press a pecan half right in the middle!

I thought this was such a great idea for a gift, it's called fruity candied popcorn, which happens to be pretty easy as well. Using Jello powder as the secret ingredient! See for the tutorial on this.

Aren't these homemade marshmallows great !?! I thought it would be great, paired up with a nice gourmet hot chocolate mix and a beautiful mug for thoughtful Christmas present for teachers, or co-workers.

Okay, so this recipe is not as cut and dry as sticking a rolo on top of a pretzel but I thought they looked so pretty and delicious. ourbestbites, gives a recipe to make these brownies from scratch. I have to admit I was thinking about cheating and using a mix to make the brownie and then adding the pink peppermint frosting, chocolate and candycanes.

These darling little things are individual pies baked right in the mason jar! I thought this was a great gift idea for a hostess or a dessert idea if you happen to be hosting a holiday dinner of your own. There are a ton of great ideas on this site but these are just a few that I'm thinking about attempting in my holiday kitchen this week.

Love This Site!

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