Monday, December 28, 2009

My Vision Map for 2010

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So the presents are all unwrapped, the pounds have been packed on and as life slowly returns to reality I consider 2010 and what I hope for the year ahead. Most new years resolutions go up in flames by mid January, however I truly believe in setting intentions, and visualizing the end result to attain success. I created the above vision map as a visual for what I intend to manifest in the coming year.

The centre photo is a capecod style home with a wraparound porch, my dream home! We intend to successfully sell our house in the spring and move into our BIG house. I look forward to space for my kids to grow, space for all of us to breathe and a house we can live in forever. Jalen and Ruby can grow into teenagers, we can host amazing parties and we will do all the things in this house that we haven't in our current home, knowing that it's not our forever home.

The left top photo of Ruby and I is a symbol of joy and motherhood. I intend to manifest more laughter and joy. I am also setting my intention to connect to my children fully and embrace motherhood and all the joys that it can bring. Its so easy to get caught up in "life" that you don't realize that somehow your newborn babies are almost on their way to school and you can never get this time back. Be present.

My next photo represents first of all my dream eat-in-retro kitchen that i hope to create this year. But it also represents family and cooking and homemaking. I am going to pull out my stacks of cook books and prepare recipes from these books. I'm going to teach my children that home cooking is not whatever frozen entree was pulled out of the freezer. I got a rice cooker for Christmas and I easily prepared brown rice, and steamed brocolli and carrots to go with it. I picked up some fresh rainbow trout from the local fish counter, and quickly marinated it in asian seasonings, it cooked in oven in no time at all. And delicious! The kids loved it.

Bottom left in my vision map is about inner peace. I got a book call 21-day consciousness cleanse by Debbie Ford and I am working my way through it right now. The book is supposed to be a "breakthrough program for connecting with your soul's deepest purpose." I want to stay connected to my soul, be aware of what the universe is saying, to live less by the drive of my ego. Now I am not far enough into the book to do any sort of recommending but I will keep you posted.

Next is the photo of the bright and cheerful craftroom. Yes...I would like to have my dream craft room however the craftroom photo represents creativity. I intend to get more intune with my ability to create and craft. I am always seeking inspiration for my creativity, yet don't make the time to bring my inspiration to fruition. Yes...that's it...from inspiration to fruition...that's the goal.

Finally...that hot bikini body! I have two weddings to attend this year and I have to wear a bikini to one of them. I intend to get this body in shape this year, so while I am at the tropical wedding I'm not the only one hiding inside the hotel with pants on! I am getting active and taking better care of myself because I deserve to look good and have self confidence.

So there you have vision for 2010...basically I am going to take care of my mind, body and soul because I am worthy of peace, joy, health and happiness. And you are too.


  1. I think it all sounds wonderful... and I KNOW you will do ALL of those things before 2010 is out... and probably even more! Because your remarkable.
    Its also made me realize I really want to get more in tune with my soul again...
    thanks :)

  2. Thank you Alison...xoxo...your soul is waiting for you :)