Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Homemade Valentines

With February just arriving I am preparing my activity calendar for both my children at home and my children at work. I was thinking that this will be the first year that my children are both at preschool and Jalen especially will understand Valentines Day. Now, when I grew up my mom would always buy me a huge pack of punch out valentines, and I would scan the 100 of them to find the "best" ones for each of my friends. Being extra careful to not to give a valentine that says "love" on it to a boy that I certainly don't! Now, I could make my life alot easier and just get a pack of Dora valentines and get Jalen to pass them around, but a. I like a challenge b. I think it will be more fun and c. I love celebrating all holidays just a little over the my kids, I am making my valentines this year. For inspiration I went first and formost to my friend Martha Stewart. I find that she does the most spectacular valentines day crafts and food. Who hasn't seen Martha Stewart magazine's February issue on the magazine stand at some point and just had to flip through the glossy pages, splashed with gorgeous homemade boxes for homemade chocolates, and delicious looking chocolate cakes with pink hearts?

Martha Stewart Magazine February 2010 cover

I've come across some wonderful ideas to make with your kids to give to grandma and grandpa, to pass out at preschool or elementary school, or if you are like me and work with children as well, these are great crafts to add to your february planners.

This simple little valentines are made with those sheets of candy polka dots! I thought they were darling :)

These valentines are flowers made from pretty cardstock and a lollipop is through the centre, I think they would look so sweet if Jalen and Ruby brought them to class with a cute painted terracotta pot and all the flower valentines arranged inside!

These valentines take wrapped candy, gum or chocolate and jazz them up with great pink, red and white printed papers.

These are clothes pins that are cute valentines but also practical as they are used to close up little bags of treats.

Time to get crafting! Happy Valentines Day....

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