Saturday, February 6, 2010

The story of the Ladybug Tutu...

Way back in December I decided that I wanted to have a ladybug themed birthday party for Ruby. Partially because her nickname is my ladybug and also because I was inspired by the tutu as seen above. That's not the actual tutu I first saw on, but that's the reproduction that my mother lovingly offered to make for her grand-daughters 2nd birthday. I was so excited to get my hands on this tutu along with the cute custom onesie and hairband! I was planning to do a photo shoot with my daughter and create invites for her party based around this outfit. Now, I was not that naive to believe that it would be smooth sailing, because you just never know with toddlers. Also, it's usually when you REALLY want them to do something that they completely refuse. I must also mention that Ruby has a sensitivity to clothing that are scratchy, tags, things that are stiff or tight. The truth is, I knew deep down inside she wasn't going to put the outfit on, I was in denial.

So I get my camera ready and treats to bribe, and start to get Ruby dressed. The onesie goes on no problem, the hairband she flings off immediately, the tutu...well apparently the tutu was torture. Here's Ruby with the she screams " it off..." and me in the background saying "come on sweetie, it's pretty, do you want a treat...."

So I finally accepted reality and I took it off, crushed that my magical photoshoot would be no more. And then she looked at me like this....

I then called on my mommy and said something similar to "she wont put it on...she's being a brat." Okay, I know my daughter wasn't being a brat, hold your calls to CAS, I was frustrated with my toddler's stubbornness. My mom offered to come over with another tutu, which happened to also have green in it (she was saving it for Christmas) but this one was a bit softer in texture and she thought maybe she could help convince her. In comes Nana, with popcorn for extra bribing and convinces her to wear the "Christmas tutu." Nana to the rescue...

With popcorn dangling in the background and Nana's special touch, we were able to get some cute photos. Not the pictures I was hoping and dreaming for, but these pictures are real, and the truth is, this is my Ruby...and she hates scratchy tutus...and I love her to bits.


  1. haha. isnt that always the way it goes. :)
    Love it and the story behind the photos is the best part!

  2. I know you totally know what I'm talking about! We get these grandiose ideas sometimes that just don't match reality. Just the drama queens in us I guess. Its a good story to tell her someday I suppose :)