Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Style in a Snap"

Photo: These are the exact pair I have, the flower/jewel snap comes with this pair

Just before Christmas I was introduced to these cute little shoes by someone and I fell in love and instantly added them to my Christmas list. These Ballet flats by Lindsay Phillips allow you to change the embellishment literally in a snap! Not to mention these shoes fit like a dream, like a slipper they are extremely comfortable. You can purchase new snaps for your shoes for about $14.99 and voila! New Shoes!

One of the parents at the school I work at got me the above posted snaps as a end of the year gift in June.

I also have the snaps as pictured above I don't have the shoes in gold or black yet (they also come in bronze and leopard print) but I definitely will soon! How fun are these shoes! People stop me to compliment me on them all the time! I recommend these shoes big time!


  1. I found these in Sidney where I work... and purchased a pair :) I love them, and they have so many of the clips.... they are comfy too!

  2. I love them! What colour did you buy?