Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joy Blog...Barn Stars

Photo: My front porch with barn star

I've always loved the country charm of these star decorations, and have a few within my house, I jazzed up a lamp of Jalen's with one, and have one hanging within a photo wall in my living room. It was only recently that it occurred to me that although I think the stars are really cute and charming, I have no idea what they mean or where they originated. I mean, what if I am saying with that star that I support slavery or Okay, I knew it couldn't be that bad, but who knows. I did my research and basically the "Barn Star" as it most often called is used simply as decoration just as I have enjoyed doing, however some people hold them as a sign of good luck or good fortune. They date back as far as the 1700's were used by builders to "mark" their territory, but soon became used for aesthetic purposes and were added to the building when it was done. They are often distressed or antiqued, which is deliberate, to signify that this is a traditional decoration. I kind of like the idea that the star will bring us good luck, and I'll stick with that.

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