Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 rewind...

As I looked back through files of photos to put together this blog I was overcome with what just one year can mean. What just one year can accomplish....What joy...What beauty...In just one year what can one create and give to others. Imagine what we could achieve if in just one year we gave 100% of ourselves instead of that 50% that we often give as we schlep through each day. Imagine what we could create...Imagine if we focused on putting more love into this coming year. Imagine we put our energy into focusing on the things that really matter and focused on using our lives to inspire. Imagine what we could create if we focused more on all the things we really want rather than all the negative things we don't.

As I greet 2011 this evening with open arms, I am filled with gratitude for each big and tiny blessing that 2010 has given us.

In just one year...Imagine....

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