Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick Project...Framed Chalkboard

Upon my inspiration searches through magazines and online there is a lot of chalkboard talk. People are using chalkboard paint to turn their walls and doors into writable surfaces. I have even seen entire refrigerator turned into a chalkboard. Now, my project is nothing as drastic as painting my fridge but I like the idea of having a chalkboard to write inspiring words and quotes as I choose. I also think it fits the country/cottage theme of my decor nicely. So I headed to the dollarstore for this affordable and cute little project. The foam board and adhesive blackboard were both $1.00 each! Then I already had the frame here. It would be easy for you to purchase a frame at a second hand store as well. I eventually would like to do a larger framed chalkboard for my kitchen.

Cut foam board to fit the inside of the frame

I used this adhesive blackboard from the dollarstore for a quick fix but you could definitely use chalkboard paint which would probably last longer. If you choose my route, take the adhesive black board and slowly remove the back paper and smooth it over the foam board. Remember to smooth out bubbles as you go. Trim blackboard adhesive using your utility knife and fit it into your frame, if there is glass on the frame, remove it before you put your foam black board in it.

Write whatever message you want inside your chalkboard and display proudly!

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