Thursday, March 31, 2011

A heartfelt letter...

Dear March,

As you say farewell today, I have few things I need to share. I had so much hope for you, the warmth and sunshine that you could possibly bring. Perhaps just a few days where I could put the damn winter gear away. March, my month of hope, you have really let me down this time. Oh wait, there was that one day...thanks for that.

Ruby and Jalen's spring coats are hung up with care, tucked beneath are their shiny new rain boots not yet worn. Ruby reaches for her spring wear each day looking at me as though "Is it time yet mama?" I have to turn to her and say "no sweetheart...still too cold...winter coat." The other day I let her wear her spring stuff but layered underneath were her winter clothes. She looked like a bag lady.

As you can see Ruby is wearing a winter hat with her spring hat over it. So, so sad.

I enter April with an open heart however a part of me is honestly starting to wonder...will Spring ever really truly be here?

Still waiting,

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