Saturday, May 7, 2011

An update...

In case you are wondering why haven't been blogging much this month, for my faithful and loyal readers I offer you the following excuses:

*If the sun blesses us with her presence I am outside with the kids at the crack of dawn till sundown(attempting to do yard work.)

*If the weather is raining, cold or crappy I have been curled up in my bed reading this Danielle Steel book, all these years I never read any Danielle Steel. Perhaps it's I'm so bored of being pregnant but the drama and romance have me hooked!

*Now I've been trying really hard to hold back on the whining but the truth is I am exhausted as I journey into my final trimester of this pregnancy, exhausted and aching from head to feet(I'm thinking about taking an earlier maternity leave)

4. After visiting an open house the other day and falling head over feet for this house, I am scrambling to get our house ready to sell. Terrible timing, but hey, when is a good time? Each day I have been tackling a new closet or cupboard to get ready. Each day I say to myself, "what the hell am I thinking?"

Have a wonderful Mother's Day,

See you soon xoxo,

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