Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frugal closet!

My mother in-law sets out to yard sale shop every Saturday morning for the entire season without fail. We usually set her out with a list of things that we need and she calls us if she finds something. Yesterday, we got a call and she found us a wardrobe closet (on our list) for a mere $10.00! Without seeing it I said sure, we'll take it. I figured even if it wasn't my taste I could paint it. Alex left to go pick it up in the van, and I was pleasantly surprised! It's already painted but actually suits our decor perfectly.

Because we live in an older home, closet space is few and far between so pieces like this are life savers. We don't have hall closet to hang coats and put shoes, so the dining room being the first room off the hallway has been elected our dining room/hall closet. I can't wait to buy my bigger house! However we make do with what we've got in our tiny charming little home. This seems like a pretty good solution for now.

Moral of the story...get out to those yard sales this summer friends!

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