Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Tree

I found such a simply abundant amount of joy in decorating our Easter tree this year. It was a family project that turned out so great! Alex blew all the yolks out of the eggs (gross!!!) Here's a little tutorial on that part if you've never done it before. Then, the kids had such fun dying the eggs with suprisingly only a couple of casualties. Next it was time for the good part, this part was my favourite...adding glitter and gems to all of them. The kids helped do a few but I have to be honest, I stayed up late and lost all track of time glueing and glittering all by myself.
This is Ruby's egg, she is covering it in glue getting ready to bathe it in glitter

She rolled it around in purple glitter...
Let it dry and glue on the string and it's ready for your tree!
This green one I love (above) because I used some of Martha Stewart's glitter that I got on sale at Halloween which is super fine and looks spectacular. Most of the other glitter I used is dollar store glitter and it gets kind of chunky and it's not that fine shimmer of the Martha glitter.
Hang the eggs with care and admire your glittering Easter Tree centre piece.

Happy Easter,

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