Sunday, June 5, 2011

Making it through the last month...

I'm at the last bit of this pregnancy for baby #3 (with a not yet revealed name) Anyone who has been here before knows that this part is dreadful. The last couple weeks when you feel so HUGE that you can't imagine you could possibly grow anymore. When you wake up and pop Tums several times a night just to take away the burning in your esophagus. When just walking from the car to the grocery store (even with one of those close expectant mother spots) sends you into braxton-hicks and sharp pains in your cervix. When you swear you will NEVER do this again. When you want to put yourself on self appointed bedrest but life must carry on.

Especially with this being my 3rd child, life is running away faster than we can keep up. I have such beautiful memories of being pregnant with my first child Jalen, setting up the nursery with care...all the clothes carefully hung up and washed in baby detergent first. I had time to sit in the rocking chair in the nursery before Jalen was born and daydream, and simply rock in the chair and be filled with the joy of what was coming. Time was slower, housework didn't get done, cooking didn't get done...but it didn't matter. It was just Alex and I, and if we wanted to order in chinese food or eat Alphabits cereal for dinner we could. If I wanted to nap when I got home from work, or spend an entire Saturday and Sunday on the couch I could. Which could explain my 60 lb weight gain.

Mmmm..... Alphabits Cereal for dinner

My darling Alex is doing the best he can. He has taken over most of the cooking, laundry and other cleaning. Plus, now that the summer weather is here he is trying to squeeze in the yard work too. Oh, and have I mentioned we also have 2 very busy chidren ages 3 and 4 to take in to consideration. I must say, my gardens have seen better days. It kills me! I see the tasks piling and I am desperate to get stuff done, but my body says no. The crib, rocking chair and change table are set up. No bedding in the teeny clothes neatly folded up in th change cute decor like I keep dreaming about. Just a room with 3 pieces of furniture sitting there not looking pretty.

My body aches, the heat is inescapable and my feet are swollen. Please if you see me don't tell me to "enjoy it", please don't tell me I am waddling and it's "cute," PLEASE don't tell me that I look so big you can't imagine I am going to make it the rest of the month or "ARE YOU SURE ITS NOT TWINS?" That's my favorite. I trust you all have good intentions but I'm not enjoying this, it doesn't feel cute and yes...I know I'm huge.

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