Monday, February 20, 2012

Joy Blog: My new antique cabinet

Okay so here it is...the new love of my life.My mother in-law (who has a beautiful collection of antique furniture) used to have this piece in her kitchen but with a recent kitchen reno she didn't have a space for it. So lucky for me, it became mine! It brings joy to my heart just walking past it. I love it's teal/turquoise colour. I love the antique feel and way the other wood colour is bleeding through. I love the scratches and chipping. I said to my daughter Ruby, "what do you think about mommies new cabinet? isn't it nice?" Ruby looked it over and remarked that yes it was nice but "its a bit dirty and scratched" with a sour look on her face. I launched into to telling her that this shabby chic or antique style is something that mommy thinks is really nice. She didn't buy it. If its not new and sparkly and made out of taffeta it's not nice in her eyes. Oh well! I simply love it and I had to share.
Another great thing is it's functional, so there's enough space to fit all of my pots and pans and cookware. It clears some clutter from our limited cabinet space in the kitchen.

Isn't she pretty!?!

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