Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creative Projects: DIM (did it myself) desk

Okay so when i say DIM (did it myself) what I really mean is that I searched and sifted through dozens of images on pinterest and found an inspiring idea to create a grand desk from wall to wall in our family room.A space for me to craft and write and gather inspiration or should I say "pin"speration. I then approached hubby with this idea and HE basically made it in a hour. I did help hold up stuff and pass things to him and cheered him on when the project had its frustrating moments. In the end I am so thrilled about my new desk and the creative space that I am typing away here at and I feel this sense of ahhh...a space of my own.
So here's basically how we did it, sparing you the mundane little details. First Alex screwed the brackets on the wall .
Then he screwed the top on it which is some melamine coated particle board that was only $35 at home depot. They cut it to size right there. All in all this was a pretty easy and straighforward project if you have a drill and a level. I edited the words CREATE on the wall because eventually I hope to get some letters or a decal of some sort that speaks to creativity. One side is for Alex's music production stuff and one side is all for me! Check out the organizational cabinet to the left of my corner. I got that at the habitat for humanity re-store for a steal! There is still some work to be done. ie. shelving and art on that back wall but part 1 is complete. I am completely happy!
I should also mention that I got those desk chairs at a second hand furniture shop for about $30 each and they are basically brand new. Voila!

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