Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What if....

As the path of my spiritual journey continues forward I am becoming more and more aware of my inner self, soul, spirit or consciousness. I am learning so much I want to share but find myself closed up because by many people I don't feel understood. Friends smile and nod politely, say "hmmm...that's interesting" (a.k.a. really flipping weird). My husband lovingly laughs it off playfully, some friends outright roll their eyes. So I've stopped talking and I'm afraid that I'm losing my voice. What causes us to run away from spirituality? What causes someone like me, despite this sense of inner knowing to clam up when I'm around certain people? I am afraid of being judged for what I know to be true. What if I'm not as sure and certain as I think I am...or What if we all have the same questions but I'm just bold enough to say them out loud? What if spirituality wasn't all airy fairy like some people think?

What do I want my friends and family to know about me? About what I believe?

I believe spirituality and religion are different things?....what do you think?

I believe we are all one consciousness that are only separate because of our ego selves....do you believe we are one in the same deep down in our core? Do you know your true self has nothing to do with this person that you think you are?

I believe most of how we think, act and react is based on baggage that we've gathered along the way. If we clear this baggage there we will find freedom and joy. Do you know you are being weighted down by stuff you gathered from childhood or those confusing teenage years? What if that's true for you? How has that made its impact?

I believe the things that we feel most passionate about, things that we lose all sense of time doing, are the gifts we have come to earth to share during this human experience? Do you have an inner knowing that there's more to life than just grinding it out day after day? Did you know no one else knows what you know? What would it take for you to share what you know to be true with everyone?

I believe we all have the answers already inside us but our chatter in our minds blocks us from hearing what our true selves have to say. Does your mind get carried away? Do you know that you are not those thoughts. Interestingly my point of view is that thoughts are just thoughts and most of them are lies, judgements, worries about past or future. How often are you just in this divinely perfect moment?

I tell my kids that God is within all of us. God is that feeling of hope, God is that tingling sense of happiness, God is a stirring of joy, God is feeling so much gratitude your heart can't take it! God is a deep calming sense of peace. What do you know about God?

I believe anything is possible? What if that's true? What would you do then?

What if...


  1. Hello Tammy!

    I chanced upon your blog while looking for Mitch Albom's books. You really have such a nice and interesting blog. Keep blogging!


  2. Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your nice words! I hope to blog more this fall, now that the kids are back to school and I can devote some actual time for it! Tammy