Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paying it forward

I've been giving a lot of thought about how gratitude is related to giving back.  In following my path towards using my passions for purpose I am very aware of how important it is that I am using my life to help others.   All of us know the joy that is derived from giving. .  When I say "pay" it forward, for those who aren't familiar with this saying, I don't mean signing a cheque!  Pay it forward by giving your time, giving your listening ear, giving the gifts that you were born to share with the world.  It simply feels good when we are sharing a kind word.  Lending a hand.  Making a difference.  Small or "grand"  generosity is why we are all here.  I believe that most of the problems we face most days are directly related to too much focus on our own selves.  If we spent more time thinking "how can I give to someone else?" We would all be happier individuals.       
This is a local news story, not too far from where I live.   It has inspired me this morning to think about ways that I too can "Pay it Forward."
Paying it forward | News | Tillsonburg News#.T6Xt1mIEwvA.facebook

How can you pay it forward today?

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