Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Morning


It's a beautiful morning on this holiday Monday in May. I sit on my back patio sipping coffee listening to the birds chirp and baby K is chirping too! Once the summer weather arrives I like to spend my mornings this way. I am filled with pure gratitude for the gentle breeze....K's baby babble...strong coffee. I've always been a morning person, there's such a strong sense of possibility as the day first breaks. I get the feeling that anything could happen today if my heart is open and grateful.

As the day progresses, and I get demands from the critters, the laundry pile makes its demands calls to make...errands to run...the door of possibility slowly starts to shut....I hear the kids feet hit the floor and my peaceful morning comes to an end. There's always tomorrow morning. Today I wonder, how do I keep this early morning gratitude and peace for the rest of the day? Can a sense of possibility come out of a day with fighting siblings, fussy babies, laundry piles, cooking, cleaning, phone calls, bills....? Any parents out there who have 3 kids under 6, 4 pets and a husband want to help me out with the answer to this one?

With gratitude,



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